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Keep Your Willpower High and Lose More Weight

Keep Your Willpower High and Lose More Weight A new research study from the U.S. has just revealed that there are some extremely simple ways for you to keep your motivation up and your willpower high throughout your efforts to lose weight. In fact, it concluded that simply reading the right words can stimulate your brain into maintaining considerable levels of self control.
habits to Keep the Weight Off

The Habits of Those Who Keep the Weight Off

The Habits of Those Who Keep the Weight Off Weight loss is an issue many people grapple with daily, but a truly depressing sign is the number of people who struggle to keep the weight off after they have reached their weight loss goal. This might discourage you to get started on your path to a trimmer body as you may believe there is no point putting in a monstrous effort to only find yourself back at the starting line after a few months of adhering to a rigorous routine. To help change your perspective and boost your motivation, we have put together a list of habits of people who successfully maintain their ideal weight. Exercise. Every. Day. The heading […]
Stop Making Excuses for health and fitness

How to Stop Making Excuses When It Comes to Your Health and Fitness

It’s something with which many of us struggle, so we want to understand how to stop making excuses and start getting healthier and fit. We may start the New Year with good intentions and a great program, but we quickly fall off the wagon. We may change our attitudes along the way and really commit to getting fit, but then life gets in the way. Though we know that we need to work out to get healthier, we are often pulled in so many different directions, and it falls off the priority list. Though it’s a very common scenario that plays over and over again, it’s one that we need to get a handle on in order to ensure we […]
Women have a Better Sense of Smell

Why Do Women Have a Better Sense of Smell Than Men?

“Anything you can do I can do better.” That’s how the song goes, right? Well ladies, it seems as though some of that is true, at least when it comes to having a better sense of smell than men. There are many things that make each gender a true splendor of uniqueness, but women seem to have a hand up in the nose department. But why is that? And does it have any affect on weight loss? The Olfactory Opportunists Recent studies conducted by the Social Issues Research Centre (SIRC) show how the majority of modern women actually have a much better sense of smell than the average man, and it goes further to highlight some of the reasons behind […]