Phentramin-D Tablets vs Capsules

Selecting a diet pill isn’t always a simple thing to do, if only because there are so many different options currently available on the nonprescription market, and each promises to be the solution to all of your dieting woes. Once you do find that Phentramin-D is the option for you, it isn’t uncommon to be confused once more as you discover that there are both tablets and capsules available and you may not know which one is right for you.

Many dieters find themselves asking which is better, the Phentramin-D tablets or the capsules. They wonder if they contain the same ingredients, if they work the same way, and what the difference would be if they choose one over the other. So what is the difference between those two format and what do they mean to your diet or your experience with the product?


Essentially, the main difference between Phentramin-D tablets and capsules is the shape. Though this might not make any difference to some dieters, it could mean a lot to others. For example, for individuals who struggle to swallow pills, the actual shape might make a difference as to the ease of actually getting them down. Though both formats are small, sometimes it is the shape, not the size that can make a pill difficult to swallow.

For individuals who do struggle to swallow pills, it is usually the capsules that are the favored format. Though the tablets are slightly smaller, the shape and texture of the capsules are often found to be more conducive to sliding out of the mouth and down the throat with less struggle.

Many people are under the false impression that the Phentramin-D tablets are stronger than the capsules. This is an easy mistake to make because the tablets are listed as having a different total weight in the bottles.  The capsules are lighter than the tablets. To the untrained eye, it would appear that one is therefore notably stronger than the other. However, this is not at all the case. The formats do make a difference to the way that the ingredients are dissolved in the body. The capsules dissolve at a slightly slower rate than the tablets.  However, they both include the correct balance of ingredients to provide the same helpful weight management support benefits.

When you take Phentramin-D, regardless of whether you take the tablets or the capsules, the advantages to your weight control strategy will be the same. There is the same level of energy boosting, focus enhancement, improved alertness and healthy metabolism support between them.

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  1. Liz says:

    In my case the pill form is far more effective! I’ve taken both, and find that the capsule only keeps my desire to eat at bay, for about 4 hours, and I did not notice any change in my energy level. However, when I took the pill, I noticed I had much more energy, and my appetite was greatly suppressed.These effects lasted all day. When taking the pill form, I needed to remind myself it’s time to have a meal. Portion control is so easy as well. I did not feel the need to pile it on! Your information regarding the difference in capsule v pill, says that the capsule comes in 30 MG, and the pill is 37.5 MG,. Could you explain why the pharmacy would write, PHENTERMINE 37.5 MG CAPSULES, on my medication bottle? Yes, I have the capsule form, not the pill.

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