Phentramin-D Doctors Don't Like Detox Diets

Doctors Hate Detox Diets and Here’s Why

Doctors Hate Detox Diets and Here’s Why There are a lot of different detox diets out there, all claiming to help flush toxins out of your body. The diets also claim that, by following a super restrictive eating plan, juicing, or fasting, you will end up losing weight. But, the truth is that doctors hate detox diets for several reasons, which are outlined below. The Side Effects Aren’t Pretty According to WebMD, detox diets aren’t fun. They cause feelings of weakness and hunger, and because they are so low in nutrients, they can lead to nutritional deficiencies if you follow them for extended periods of time. In addition to low energy levels, other nasty side effects associated with detox diets […]