Energy Bite Recipes for dieters

Top Energy Bite Recipes for a Healthy Snack ​

Top Energy Bite Recipes for a Healthy Snack ​ Energy bite recipes are taking off in popularity as we come to realize that most energy bars and drinks really aren’t very good for us and certainly do more harm than good for a weight loss diet. While many of us like to reach for sweets when we hit that mid-afternoon slump, those are pretty harmful, too. Therefore, making your own energy bite recipes can help you to be sure that you have something to give you a boost when you need it. They’ll help you to satisfy that sweetness craving and feel better at the same time. Truly great energy bite recipes help you to steer clear of sugar and […]
How to Combat Winter Tiredness

Best Ways to Combat Winter Tiredness

Best Ways to Combat Winter Tiredness At this point in the year, many of us find that we need to try to combat winter tiredness with each passing day. The length of the nights starts to grate, recovery from the holiday season hasn’t quite happened and the cold weather can make us feel a little bit cabin feverish. Even when you try your best to overcome it, the fatigue can easily take hold. Once it’s locked in, it can be quite tough to shake. If you are having a hard time being able to combat winter tiredness, it may just be that you’ve been approaching it the wrong way. Depending on which issues are behind the fatigue there are some […]
avoid energy drinks

Reasons Why Athletes Should Avoid Energy Drinks

The thriving sports industry has witnessed a dramatic increase in energy drink popularity. Not many people know that energy drink consumption has led to thousands of emergency room visits, with over 20,000 cases reported in just 2011. These are staggering statistics for anyone who has ever consumed an energy drink. The hazards of exceptionally caffeinated beverages have caused grave health concerns for everyone, especially athletes. Findings pertaining to the negative outcomes of these energy drinks have been responsible for serious outcomes and regulations. Popular Amongst Athletes Athletes, in particular, are infamous for consuming energy drinks. While they believe the drinks will do them good, the beverages also seem to have harmful effects on their physical and mental well-being. Insomnia, anxiety, […]
Energy Chews to lose weight

Are Energy Chews Actually Good for People Trying to Lose Weight?

There are a lot of ways in which modern people can go about losing weight, and because obesity is such a rampant problem in today’s world, a lot of folks are reaching for less conventional means of fat loss. The latest development are these little energy chews. Supposedly packed full of weight loss benefits, these chews are being used by men and women all over the world. How effective are they at actually helping people who are trying to lose weight? Let’s find out.