exercise success with your dog

exercise success with your dog

Team Up with Your Furry Friend for Exercise Success

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, and that can be true in areas even such as exercise success. This is a rather nontraditional way of working out, but it can offer some wonderful health benefits. They say that dogs can be of great help with easing depression and offering companionship, even helping with certain health conditions.

So why not turn to your best furry friend for help when it comes to exercise? If you are trying to lose weight or simply want to get fit, then you can feel good about turning to exercise to help you through the difficult times. Your dog may just be your key to a successful way of working out and changing your body.

How can you team up with your furry friend for exercise success? We offer a few tips below, but feel free to get creative and find your own ways to lead an active lifestyle with your pet that will benefit both of you in more ways than one.

Team Up with Your Furry Friend for Exercise Success: Accountability

When it comes to exercise success it’s really all about accountability. You may turn to a friend or buddy to get you to the gym, and therefore ensure that you actually make it. This is the same type of philosophy when it comes to working out with your dog. The truth is that your dog needs exercise just as much as you do, so when you give them the gift of exercise it benefits both of you! Try to set up a weekly or daily routine where you go out for a long walk or even a run with your dog. This isn’t good just for you, but for your dog also. As you work to get fit through these regular exercise regimens, the dog also benefits by getting out and getting exercise of their own.

You Get Fit and You Bond With Your Dog and That’s a Winning Combination

Try to get creative with finding exercise success in this way. It’s a great bonding ritual for you and your furry best friend, and you can really have fun with it along the way. Set up new trails for you to hit together. Take a walk or run to the local dog park or some other local landmark that you two can get to together. Make a trek to an outside mall if you have one where they welcome dogs. So getting there is what the exercise is all about, and then enjoying a new atmosphere is what will be a reward for you and your dog. Even try incorporating other fun activities that will keep you fit like throwing the Frisbee with your dog or running through some fun obstacle course.

Some Fun Ways to Team Up with Your Furry Friend for Exercise Success 

When you want to team up with your furry friend for exercise success, you might not know where to begin. Thankfully, there are a range of activities that you can enjoy together in an effort to bond and to lead a more active lifestyle that naturally burns calories and fat.

Here are a few suggestions, according to Health:

  • Go hiking. Find a trail and head out with your dog. Even challenging trails can be exciting for dogs. Of course, you might not be able to do every type of trail, as you need to take your dog’s abilities into consideration. But, this is a fantastic way to get outside, explore the natural world, and get some fresh air.
  • Jogging with your dog, running stairs, or going rollerblading with your pet can also be fun ways to get outside and get some exercise alongside your best furry friend. Just be sure to stop if your dog wants to stop, as you don’t want to overdo it and end up hurting him. You want to go at his pace and respect that he might tire more easily than you do. Plus, a dog-friendly charity race can be another way to get exercise with your dog, while supporting a good cause!
  • Looking for something really different that will challenge your muscles, get you outside, and allow you to have fun with your pooch? Then it is definitely worth considering stand-up paddleboarding. Head out on a really calm day, let your dog hang out on the paddleboard, and make sure your dog is wearing a life preserver designed for canines.
  • Similar to paddleboarding, kayaking is another activity that you can enjoy with your dog on the water. This might be less intense for you than paddleboarding because you don’t have to worry about balancing on the board, and you can share your kayak with your dog.
  • Follow your dog where he wants to go when you head out for a walk. Rather than controlling your pooch and leading the way all the time, let him take the lead to see where you end up going. And, walk at his speed too, which might be rather fast. Of course, you want to be sure you’re guiding your dog if he starts getting into areas that might pose a risk or be dangerous.

Ready to Team Up with Your Furry Friend for Exercise Success?

When you focus on exercise success in a creative way then you can really take the time to enjoy yourself. You will find that your dog is in much better shape, and you will love the time together. You will get outside or to local spots with your furry friend, and all the while you will be both exercising together. When you really think about it, exercise doesn’t just have to be about hitting the gym, but rather it can also be about getting out and enjoying some fun and creative time with your furry best friend. This is a great way to find accountability in your exercise regimen, but also a nice way to enjoy time with your best friend that has loyalty to you beyond any other. A true win-win!

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