habits to Keep the Weight Off

habits to Keep the Weight Off

The Habits of Those Who Keep the Weight Off

Weight loss is an issue many people grapple with daily, but a truly depressing sign is the number of people who struggle to keep the weight off after they have reached their weight loss goal. This might discourage you to get started on your path to a trimmer body as you may believe there is no point putting in a monstrous effort to only find yourself back at the starting line after a few months of adhering to a rigorous routine. To help change your perspective and boost your motivation, we have put together a list of habits of people who successfully maintain their ideal weight.

Exercise. Every. Day.
The heading for this section could not be any simpler or clearer. There’s a reason this is our first tip. To lose weight you need more than exercise, but once you have reached the Promised Land, exercise is the most potent weapon in your arsenal against weight gain. Exercise helps you stay lean by sustaining a high-octane metabolism. This allows you to burn extra energy continuously, even while you are asleep. Daily exercise should be your aim if you want to keep the weight off.

Breakfast. Every. Day.
No, we are not running low on energy, ideas or imagination! There are multiple studies linking weight gain to skipping breakfast. Life can be hectic, but you still need to eat breakfast daily and make it a healthy one. Eating a nutritious breakfast is not difficult. A little planning can go a long way in simplifying your morning routine. Take out your healthy breakfast at night and leave it on the kitchen counter or right on the top shelf of the fridge. You won’t have to think about what you want to eat in the morning, reducing the probabilities of skipping breakfast or consuming an unhealthy one. Eat at least a small snack, like a handful of nuts, Greek yoghurt or a fruit, regardless of whether you are feeling hungry or not. Eating breakfast everyday will help you keep the weight off.

It is easy to lose faith in your abilities when your weight keeps bouncing around like a Ping-Pong ball, but to be successful you need to believe you can keep the weight off. The first step to building self-confidence is to stop expecting perfection from yourself. People commit mistakes all the time and some mistakes are committed against you, yet you generously forgive others. How can you refuse to forgive yourself, the most important person in your life? You will fall down and you will make mistakes. The best part about failure though, is it is a prerequisite for success. Don’t blame yourself next time around. Instead, analyze why you failed and what you can do differently to not go down the same path on the following run. Self-confidence is a key ingredient to a healthy mental and physical state. Similar to everything else in life, you need to work at it to keep it strong.

These three simple habits will support you to achieve your weight loss goals and to maintain your weight at the desired level.

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