Phentramin-d Facts

If you’re considering taking Phentramin-d, then the odds are that you would like to know pretty much everything there is to know about this diet pill, so that you can decide whether or not it is right for you, and if it is the best possible weight loss solution for your needs and expectations.

The following are five important facts about Phentramin-d that you may not have known before and that you will likely find very interesting about this product:

  1. Phentramin-d is a non-prescription diet pill that is commonly felt to be the best over the counter alternative to Phentermine (a prescription only drug).  This is because it is a powerful formula that does not contain any fillers, extracts, or herbs, but that is instead made up of high quality chemical compounds that are known to help in the effort to lose weight.
  2. The two primary active ingredients in Phentramin-d are 2-Phenylethylamine HCl and 1, 3, 7 trimethylxanthine.  The first is central to the efficacy of the weight loss pill because it sets up the body to experience a chemical change so that weight can be lost through the body’s natural processes. The second ingredient is a form of caffeine which provides energy and provides a temporary metabolism boost.  It also helps the user to remain more alert and to have the necessary energy to keep up with an increased exercise routine which is required for healthy weight loss.
  3. The central feature of this diet pill is its ability to help dieters through appetite suppression.  By taking it, users are more satisfied by smaller meals and they find that this feeling of fullness lasts long enough that they are less likely to experience cravings so they aren’t as inclined to snack.  Though this doesn’t directly cause fat to be lost, it does make it easier for dieters to follow their reduced calorie programs because they aren’t as hungry.
  4. When used properly, Phentramin-d will help the body with increased fat burning for 24 hours per day, while it simultaneously provides the body with added energy throughout its waking hours.  This is important because it not only causes fat to be reduced more easily, but it makes exercising less exhausting.
  5. Phentramin-d is safe for use by individuals of any weight, regardless of whether they want to lose five pounds or seventy five pounds.  The best results are achieved when a healthy diet and exercise routine are followed with its use.

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