High Intensity Interval Training for Fat Burning

High Intensity Interval Training for Lasting Fat Burning

High Intensity Interval Training for Lasting Fat Burning Have you heard of high intensity interval training? If you haven’t, and you are looking for ways to get in a great workout without spending a ton of time at the gym, you definitely need to start looking into this workout strategy and its benefits. Below, we cover some of the background of high intensity interval training, and we also provide some tips on how you can start exercising this way whenever you are ready. What is high intensity interval training? This is a simple introduction to high intensity interval training. To date, we have had a more is better attitude toward cardio workouts. We have aerobicized ourselves to death and we […]
Tackle these Exercises When Taking Phentramin-D

Tackle These Exercises When Taking Phentramin-D to Shed Pounds

Tackle These Exercises When Taking Phentramin-D to Shed Pounds Phentramin-D is a popular diet pill that you can buy over the counter, and it might be the ideal choice if you have been told that you are not the right candidate for a prescription diet product. However, you can’t expect to just take Phentramin-D without putting in any other effort if you want to get great results. Instead, you do need to make it a point to eat right every day by following a low-calorie diet and controlling your portions. On top of that, you also need to make it a point to exercise regularly every week as well.
exercise success with your dog

Team Up With Your Furry Friend for Exercise Success

Team Up with Your Furry Friend for Exercise Success They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, and that can be true in areas even such as exercise success. This is a rather nontraditional way of working out, but it can offer some wonderful health benefits. They say that dogs can be of great help with easing depression and offering companionship, even helping with certain health conditions. So why not turn to your best furry friend for help when it comes to exercise? If you are trying to lose weight or simply want to get fit, then you can feel good about turning to exercise to help you through the difficult times. Your dog may just be your key to […]
cheap exercise

Great Ways to Exercise on a Budget

Great Ways to Exercise on a Budget Is exercise on a budget possible? Absolutely! Just because you are trying to lose weight in a healthy way by building exercise into your daily routine, it doesn’t mean that you need to break the bank. In fact, you can get all of the exercise that you need while taking Phentramin-D, without having to spend very much at all.
exercises to improve a double chin

Can You Really Perform Exercises to Improve a Double Chin?

Can You Really Perform Exercises to Improve a Double Chin? Even the fastest Google search can provide you with dozens of lists of activities that claim to help you to reduce the fatty areas of the chin and neck. But is it really possible for exercises to improve a double chin? Can certain movements draw in that saggy skin or extra fat deposits that can make you loathe pictures taken of you in profile? The first thing you should know about exercises to improve a double chin is that while most of them won’t cause any harm, they also won’t provide the types of benefit that you’re expecting. If you’re hoping to tighten the skin and draw in the extra […]
Top Fitness Gifts to buy

Top Fitness Gifts for Family and Friends

The gift items on this list are ideal for all fitness devotees, ranging from typical gym gear to fitness gadgets for amateurs. Thanks to the technological updates in manufacturing and production, there is a broad range of fitness products available on the market. Here is our list of the top fitness gifts for family and friends: A Convertible Backpack A convertible backpack is the modern duffel bag, with a pocket for almost everything. Whether you have to stow your wet gym clothes, a laptop, or shoes, or need a temperature-controlled spot for after-workout treats, this does it all.
Nestle’s Exercise in a Bottle Project

What Is Nestle’s Exercise in a Bottle Project?

Only recently, Nestle has announced that the researchers at the leading food and beverage manufacturer are working on the “Exercise in a Bottle” project, which will help them develop a portable, edible product that is guaranteed to provide fat-burning characteristics for maintaining fitness. The developers believe the product holds great potential to capture the attention of individuals who are not too keen on working out or may be too busy to stick to a regular fitness regimen. The research team behind Nestle’s Exercise in a Bottle Project deems it to be a major breakthrough. Researchers claim they are now capable of comprehending the mechanism in which enzymes that are critical to metabolism regulation are stimulated by a compound known as […]
avoid energy drinks

Reasons Why Athletes Should Avoid Energy Drinks

The thriving sports industry has witnessed a dramatic increase in energy drink popularity. Not many people know that energy drink consumption has led to thousands of emergency room visits, with over 20,000 cases reported in just 2011. These are staggering statistics for anyone who has ever consumed an energy drink. The hazards of exceptionally caffeinated beverages have caused grave health concerns for everyone, especially athletes. Findings pertaining to the negative outcomes of these energy drinks have been responsible for serious outcomes and regulations. Popular Amongst Athletes Athletes, in particular, are infamous for consuming energy drinks. While they believe the drinks will do them good, the beverages also seem to have harmful effects on their physical and mental well-being. Insomnia, anxiety, […]