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Comparing the 20/20 Diet to Carb Cycling

Comparing the 20/20 Diet to Carb Cycling A number of new diets have received significant attention from fitness freaks and dieters over the past few years. […]
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How to Stick to Your Weight Loss Resolution

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How to Lose Weight on Vacation

How to Stay on Track and Lose Weight on Vacation

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Dangerous Ways to Lose Weight

The Most Dangerous Ways to Lose Weight

With so many weight loss supplements and crash diet plans available on the market, weight losers are turning to extreme and dangerous ways to shed those […]

How to Use Diet Pills Safely

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taking a product like Phentramin-D

How Long Should You Take a Product Like Phentramin-D?

When you turn to a product such as Phentramin-D, you want to know that it’s going to work for you. Many believe that using such a […]
High Intensity Interval Training for weight loss

High Intensity Interval Training for Lasting Fat Burning

This is a simple introduction to high intensity interval training. To date, we have had a more is better attitude toward cardio workouts. We have aerobicized […]
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Creating The Ultimate Sanctuary for Sleep to Promote Weight Loss

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Tips and Tricks for Post Holiday Weight Loss

The holidays can wreak havoc on a diet and so sometimes you need to think ahead to the best post holiday weight loss tips. Though we […]
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Stop Taking Diet Pill Risks…Choose Phentramin-D Instead

With 68.8% of America being obese, people are becoming more aware of their lifestyle and it’s effects on their health. Many people are trying to become […]