Weight Loss Friendly Home Tips

3 Ways to Create a Weight Loss Friendly Home Environment

3 Ways to Create a Weight Loss Friendly Home Environment You spend a lot of time at home, and it is a reflection of you and your family. What is in your home can have a huge impact upon your mood and your habits every day. So, how can you go about creating a weight loss friendly home environment? Keep Healthy Foods in Your Kitchen When it comes to unhealthy foods that can tempt you into falling off your diet, out of sight is out of mind. The simple act of filling your kitchen with healthy foods and snacks can make a big difference in creating a weight loss friendly home for everyone who lives there. No unhealthy snacks to […]
Top Reasons Never to Crash Diet

Top 5 Reasons Never to Crash Diet

Top 5 Reasons Never to Crash Diet Crash diets might seem like a good idea to get your body to slim down quickly, but there are several good reasons why you should actually avoid these diets. Continue reading to learn about five reasons never to crash diet. 1. You’ll End Up Holding onto Fat One of the biggest reasons never to crash diet is because it basically has the opposite effect of what you want to achieve: it encourages your body to keep the fat that has already been stored. That’s because your body interprets the crash diet as starvation, so it starts to hold onto whatever resources it can in order to survive. Furthermore, if you do notice the […]
20 20 Diet vs carb cycling

Comparing the 20/20 Diet to Carb Cycling

Comparing the 20/20 Diet to Carb Cycling A number of new diets have received significant attention from fitness freaks and dieters over the past few years. Two of the fairly recent ones are the Carb Cycling Diet and the 20/20 diet. The two diets have attracted a sizable following, with each having its proponents and opponents. The great thing about the two is they offer radically new approaches to weight loss, which makes it easier for people struggling to lose weight to drop the extra pounds. However, you might be confused about which of the two diets to try. After all, there is no way you can follow them both at the same time. To make things easier for you, […]
Stick to a Weight Loss Resolution

How to Stick to Your Weight Loss Resolution

How to Stick to Your Weight Loss Resolution With the start of 2016, millions of people will have big plans for making their lives better and, for many people, that will involve creating a New Year’s weight loss resolution. The trouble with that isn’t that so many intend to try to achieve a healthier BMI. The issue is that it is often much easier to create these goals than it is to actually stick to them. Creating a weight loss resolution is the easiest part of the entire process. Actually tracking, maintaining and sticking to it is a far bigger challenge. The following tips have been designed to help you to stick to your weight loss resolution this year, instead […]
How to Lose Weight on Vacation

How to Stay on Track and Lose Weight on Vacation

It’s summer and that means so many wonderful things, including vacations! Everyone loves this time of year because it means that we get to enjoy the season for all that it is. Though summer is a wonderful time, it can actually be a bit difficult when it comes to sticking with your diet plan. You are probably out of routine and that means that sticking with a diet plan or workout routine can be challenging. How can you be sure to stay on track even when you’re on vacation? Better yet how can you continue to lose weight on vacation while you’re having fun and therefore having trouble staying on track? It can be done but it means that a […]
Dangerous Ways to Lose Weight

The Most Dangerous Ways to Lose Weight

With so many weight loss supplements and crash diet plans available on the market, weight losers are turning to extreme and dangerous ways to shed those extra pounds. The pure obsession with getting thin can drive young people and adults over the edge, causing them to take these extreme measures. However, the best way to drop those stubborn pounds is to burn more calories than you consume by making healthy food choices and getting plenty of exercise. We discuss some dangerous ways to lose weight that can actually backfire, causing serious health problems.

How to Use Diet Pills Safely

Getting in shape sometimes requires a person to take some extra measures to get it done. Using diet pills to achieve that ideal physique is a common habit for people all over the world. However, when those people do not use diet pills safely, they sometimes end up in worse shape than when they began. Don’t let that be your story. Talk to the Doc Before you even begin looking for the right diet pill, you need to speak with your personal healthcare provider to get the all-clear. Taking anything that affects your body without first consulting a doctor is never a wise decision. Be sure to have a complete physical prior to purchasing anything.
taking a product like Phentramin-D

How Long Should You Take a Product Like Phentramin-D?

When you turn to a product such as Phentramin-D, you want to know that it’s going to work for you. Many believe that using such a product constitutes a real lifestyle change and that they would need to keep taking this pill indefinitely. Though you do need a lifestyle change to lose weight and keep it off, you want to be careful about just how long you take any diet pill. As with any medication, you must recognize that sometimes you do need to have an end date for taking it. Sure, you get some great benefits out of pills such as this, but then you want to learn from them and start to listen to your body’s newly developed […]
High Intensity Interval Training for weight loss

High Intensity Interval Training for Lasting Fat Burning

This is a simple introduction to high intensity interval training. To date, we have had a more is better attitude toward cardio workouts. We have aerobicized ourselves to death and we have actually overworked ourselves unnecessarily. This better way of training is much better and though it is a bit exhausting at first–you are actually working faster and more effectively than the traditional cardio workouts. When you work out too much on cardio, you will burn out muscles and the vital protein that you need. Important points of the high interval training: You will have to adjust your thinking and how you train to do this. Instead of concentrating on the long duration of training–you have to think intense and […]
lose more weight with a sanctuary for sleep

Creating The Ultimate Sanctuary for Sleep to Promote Weight Loss

Sleep is one of the most important things you need to lose weight. Getting enough good sleep will promote faster weight loss. So, if you have trouble enjoying a good night of rest then it may be necessary that you create the perfect sanctuary for sleep. Though you might think that you have the right environment to offer a good night of rest, the truth is that there are changes that so many of us can easily make. Your bedroom can work for or against you when it comes to supporting and creating that perfect sleep environment. If you work at creating the right ambiance then sleep will be yours and you will automatically be in that relaxed state of […]