Eat While Taking Phentramin-D

Eat While Taking Phentramin-DWhen it comes to weight loss pills and supplements, there are a few brands that have proven effective over the years and are being used by people from all around the world. Not only do they help people lose weight, but ensure they achieve their weight loss goals in a safe, effective and healthy manner.

Among the leading solutions for weight loss you will find on the market is Phentramin-D. It is an appetite suppressor, which enables people to cut down their calorie intake. Over a period of time, since you are eating less, you start losing weight and shed the unwanted extra pounds from your body.

However, for the supplement to work, it is important that you follow a healthy lifestyle, including working out regularly and eating right. There is a long list of foods which you are allowed to eat when taking this supplement but it is more important that you know which foods you shouldn’t eat while taking Phentramin-D. Here are a few of them:


Alcohol is generally bad for your health, unless you drink it moderately. Not only does alcohol harm your liver, it also hampers the liver’s ability to burn fat. This is something you cannot afford when you are trying to lose weight. Therefore, you should abstain from drinking or using alcohol for cooking when taking this weight loss supplement.

Simple Carbs

There are numerous food items people eat regularly which contain simple carbohydrates. These include chocolates and candies, soda, jam and any food item which have white flour in it. The issue is that the digestive system processes simple carbs quickly, so all they do is spike your blood sugar levels and your body is unable to use them as energy fuel. Therefore, they are stored as fat in your body. So, for this reason, it is important that you don’t eat simple carbs while taking Phentramin-D.

Acidic Foods

Any foods which cause acidity have to be avoided when you are using this weight loss supplement. In fact, these foods actually inhibit the effect the pills have on your weight. In other words, you will compromise the effect of Phentramin-D by eating acidic foods.


As mentioned above, the liver plays an important role when it comes to burning fat. The thing with sugar is that it contains excess fructose. Now, if the liver is busy processing all the other nutrients and foods you have eaten, the excess fructose is stored as fat in your body. Also, excessive sugar intake is one of the foremost causes of obesity.

So, be mindful of the fact that these foods can hamper the effect of Phentramin-D so avoid eating these when you are taking the pill.

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