5 Tricks to Eliminate Overeating For Good

Eliminate Overeating forever

eliminate overeating forever5 Tricks to Eliminate Overeating For Good

Are you tired of always eating too much when you know you shouldn’t? Do you find yourself giving in to food cravings and unhealthy, tempting treats? Then it is definitely time to take action. And, the sooner you do, the better, as you will be able to establish new, healthy habits that will allow you to eat right, consume the appropriate amount of calories for your needs, and slim down over time.

Why Do People End Up Overeating?

There are many reasons why a person eats too much during any given day. It’s so easy to do and yet not so easy to eliminate. Also, according to Livestrong, there is no single cause that results in people overeating. Instead, the causes can vary greatly from one individual to the next. Therefore, one of the first things that you need to do if you want to eliminate overeating is figure out what those causes, or triggers, are for you.

To determine what your triggers are for overeating, you need to closely observe your behavior before, during, and after overeating. For example, you might begin to realize that, when you feel anxious or stressed, you crave something salty, so you reach for a bag of potato chips. And, you eat the whole thing even though you know that you shouldn’t because they aren’t good for your health or your weight. After you eat those chips, though, you might take note of the fact that you feel more at ease, even though you might also feel some guilt because you overate.

Keeping a journal can be a helpful way to find your particular triggers. Then, once you know your triggers, why you overeat, and how you feel afterwards, you can begin to implement the appropriate strategies that will allow you to eliminate overeating.

Although the causes of overeating can be different for everyone, here are some of the common ones:

  • Mindless eating
  • Eating while stressed
  • Eating while emotional
  • Dieting
  • Skipping meals

5 Ways to Eliminate Overeating 

The good news is that this habit can be broken and you can eliminate overeating once and for all when you stick to a few ground rules and pay more attention to what goes into your mouth each day. Once you master these 5 tricks, the rest will come easy and the pounds will literally melt away. So, let’s get started!

The 5 tricks to eliminate overeating are:

Trick #1. Drink Plenty of Water Before Meals and Snacks

A full glass of water immediately before eating will promote a feeling of fullness and give your food a way to expand in your stomach. This will send signals to your brain that you are done eating much sooner than if you consumed the food along with your beverage. Of course, you can still enjoy a drink with your food as well. That will help to fill you up even faster.

Trick #2. Never Eat Directly From a Multi-Serving Package

It is way too easy to grab from a bag of your favorite snack food or other packaged foods with multiple servings and just keep on going and going. Before you know it, half the bag and several servings have been consumed and those extra calories go straight to your waistline. You would be surprised to know how much you are actually putting into your body when you are on autopilot snack mode. The calories can quickly climb to a shocking amount that would make you cringe. Do yourself and your physique a favor and stick to eating your snacks from a dish.

Trick #3. Use Measuring Cups and Spoons Consistently

If you don’t know what a tablespoon of peanut butter actually looks like or you aren’t sure what 2 cups of pasta is, measuring cups and spoons can be your solution to overeating. Even if you think you know how to eyeball those measurements, it’s probably not as accurate as you might think, and all those uncounted calories will be turned into fat on your body that you’ve been working so hard to get in shape. Measure everything you can when you aren’t absolutely sure in order to keep track of how much goes in. This will help you know exactly what you have to do to burn the fat away and obtain that lean figure without fail.

Trick #4. Pay Attention to Serving Sizes

This is among the biggest tricks that you can have up your eliminate overeating sleeve. Measuring cups and spoons can’t help if you don’t pay attention to the serving sizes listed on the foods you eat. For things that do not have nutrition labels, you can either choose to avoid them altogether or find a reliable source for nutrition information such as the websites, Calorie Count and My Fitness Pal. Knowing serving sizes helps you see what is in the food you consume in order to make better choices too.

Trick #5. Invest in a Food Scale for Meats and Other Servings That Go By Weight

Some foods, such as meats and cheese, are measured in servings of ounces or grams. These foods can be particularly difficult to accurately measure serving size. That’s where the final trick comes in to play. Purchasing a food scale is an investment in your health. It will continue paying back for years by helping you stay lean and healthy. By weighing your foods, you can be completely sure of exactly what you are about to eat, which goes a long way in giving you the motivation you need to make healthy eating habits a lifestyle.

It’s Easier Than You Think to Eliminate Overeating

If you utilize these 5 tricks to eliminate overeating, you’ll begin to see results within days. The numbers on the scale will begin dropping and you’ll feel fabulous too! It is a great feeling to know exactly what you are putting in. Removing the unknown and placing the power of eating healthy in your hands is what it’s all about.

Get Professional Help to Eliminate Overeating

If you are still struggling with overeating, don’t hesitate to get help. You might want to talk to your physician for some tips on how to keep your health and weight on track. And, if you have a binge eating disorder, he or she can help you address that as well.

If you are an emotional eater, you might also want to talk to a therapist. He or she can help you find ways of eliminating overeating by addressing the link between your emotional/psychological needs and your food cravings.

No matter what, be consistent in your efforts, and be willing to work hard. Before you know it, you will eliminate overeating, and you’ll feel great!

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