Running for Weight Loss Results

Running for Weight Loss ResultsDo you love running? Great! Are you running to lose weight? Even better! But, how much do you really need to run in order to get the weight loss results that you’re after? This can be a tricky question to answer, but experts can weigh in to help you figure out the best running routine for your needs. Check out the helpful information below to learn more.

Don’t Overdo It at First 

According to Popsugar, running for weight loss results is a great idea, but if you are new to it, it is best to run at a comfortable pace just two times a week for about 20 or 30 minutes at a time.

Then, you can work on increasing that rate to four times per week, and you can also increase the duration of your workouts to around 45 to 60 minutes. Do it gradually, though, by increasing the number of times that you go for a run over the course of about five weeks.

You can even run for a couple of minutes, walk for a couple of minutes, and run again, so you certainly don’t need to run the entire time. This can all help you ease into this workout routine, while also helping to reduce the risk of hurting yourself.

Consider Interval Training for Weight Loss Results 

Did you know that long-distance running actually isn’t all that effective when it comes to losing weight? However, it can be a viable option once you have lost the weight and hope to keep it off.

To get the weight loss results that you want, opt for a faster pace, but at a shorter duration. In other words: short, fast runs are great for slimming down. And, this means that interval training can easily be incorporated into your running routine, since you don’t want to be going at the same, steady pace the entire time. So, as mentioned above, go at a slower pace for a bit, then sprint for a bit, then maybe go up a hill for a bit before lowering the intensity again.

Again, don’t overdo it either. Can’t manage to do a running interval routine? You can briskly walk instead, and you will still get great results. 

What About the Number of Miles?

To run for weight loss results, aim to get anywhere from 20 to 30 miles in every week. This can help boost your health, while also helping you skim down with greater ease. And, again, if you can’t run the entire time, that is totally fine! Just be sure to get those steps in!

Don’t Forget to Diet, and Incorporate Other Exercises 

To get the very best weight loss results, you should aim to eat a balanced, nutritious, low-calorie diet that emphasizes natural foods every day. On top of that, go beyond your running routine by doing other exercises that strengthen your muscles. Before long, you will notice that your body starts to look leaner and more toned.

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