Social Media Influencer Weight Loss Advice

Social Media Influencer Weight Loss AdviceWhy Social Media Influencers Shouldn't Be Your Top Source of Weight Loss Advice and Info

There are loads of social media influencers who have become surprisingly famous online. And, they have thousands, or even millions, of followers. While that level of success can certainly be admirable, the problem is that not all social media influencers are really as qualified as they make themselves out to be, and many are giving out advice that is incorrect, misleading, or even dangerous. That’s why you should not use social media influencers as your top source of weight loss advice and information, no matter how smart they might appear to be, or how many fans they have.

Social Media Can Lead to Body Image Issues

When you scroll through your social media feed that is filled with influencers who have amazing bodies, it is a recipe for low self-esteem and poor body image. This is one of the main problems that experts have with influencers who give out weight loss advice. Seeing people who claim to have changed their bodies by eating a certain way or cutting out certain foods can negatively impact the way you view yourself and your eating habits. You might even end up developing an eating disorder if you really take it to heart and start pursuing a super restrictive, unbalanced diet.

Listen to Your Body

According to HuffPost, one of the big problems with getting weight loss advice from social media influencers is the fact that some fans will end up blindly following that advice without listening to their own bodies. Ultimately, it is important to listen to your own body’s cues, and to follow a lifestyle that works for you. If you are following a social media account that makes you feel like you are doing everything wrong, or that makes you feel pressured to change or take extreme measures, it is best to unfollow.

Some of Them Turn Out to Be Hypocrites

Probably the biggest reason why you shouldn’t take all of those social media influencers so seriously is because many of them end up changing their story, or they’re found to be lying. An influencer could easily claim that they eat a certain way every day, and they may give out what seems like good weight loss advice, but then someone will reveal that they caught them eating junk food or a food that doesn’t fit the diet that they’re promoting. This is just a clear indication that they’re posting things merely to get followers, not because they’re qualified to give that advice in the first place.

See Your Doctor for Personalized Advice

The best place to get personalized weight loss advice, as well as general health advice, is your physician’s office. Finding a doctor whom you can trust and open up to is the first step. Then, work with your doctor to come up with a weight loss plan that is right for you and your unique body’s needs. Don’t just go by what some social media influencer has to say, as they are doing things that may work for them but may not necessarily work for you.

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