Get Motivated to Exercise in the Morning

Get Motivated to Exercise in the MorningUse These Tips to Get Motivated to Exercise in the Morning

Exercising in the morning can provide you with a host of benefits. For example, it is a great way to energize your body at the start of the day, and a morning workout can even help you feel more energized throughout the rest of the day as well. Beyond that, a morning workout can get your metabolism revving so that you can burn more calories than you otherwise would.

Unfortunately, though, for a lot of people, it is really hard to get motivated to exercise in the morning, and stiff muscles and joints might also hold you back. So, what can you do to get motivated to exercise in the morning? Check out the tips below to get started.

Take Baby Steps

If you aren’t used to working out in the morning, the worst thing to do is throw yourself into this routine, as doing so will only increase the odds that you will end up giving up. Instead, focus on taking gradual steps towards a lifestyle that includes waking up and getting a great workout in for the day.

You might, for example, begin by making yourself wake up about 15 minutes earlier than you typically would. After waking up, donning your workout clothes can be a great way to motivate yourself to get moving, but you might want to start with some light stretches first. And, you might even stop after the stretching is done because you might not be quite ready to dive into an actual workout. That’s totally fine.

Over time, you will begin to follow this new routine with greater ease. At that point, you can set your alarm an additional 10-15 minutes earlier. Again, put your workout clothes on. But, after you do some stretching, take it to the next level by going for a walk or a jog.

After a few months, you will be even more ready to take your morning routine to the next level. At that point, you’ll be ready to add in a cardio or strength training routine that lasts 30-45 minutes.

Prepare the Night Before

Another great way to get motivated to exercise in the morning is by giving yourself some extra time by making some preparations the night before. If you have a coffee maker with a timer, for example, you can set it up the night before so that it can start brewing when you wake up. You might also grab your workout clothes from the closet so that they are ready for you in the morning, or you might pack up your gym bag so that it’s ready to go in the morning. The less you need to do after you wake up and before your workout, the better, as you can dive right in without getting distracted.

Do It with a Friend

Finally, according to Ladders, having a workout buddy can also help you get motivated to exercise in the morning. Being accountable to someone else is a great way to keep yourself on track.

If you want to get motivated to exercise in the morning, it is going to take time to adjust if you aren’t too keen on the idea of getting up earlier and getting sweaty to start your day. However, once you get the hang of things, you likely won’t want to go back to squeezing in a workout in the afternoon or evening.

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