Healthy Outdoor Exercise

Healthy Outdoor ExerciseOutdoor Exercise is Better for You Than Your Gym or Basement

If you have been wondering about whether outdoor exercise is any better for you than exercise that can be done indoors at home or at the gym, recent research has shown that outdoor exercise is actually better. Keep reading to learn why.

Here’s What the Research Shows

According to the CBC, Ian Walker is working on his Bachelor of Environment and Sustainability degree at Memorial University’s Grenfell Campus, and his goal was to figure out if working out indoors or outside yielded different results.

Ian decided to survey individuals as they exercised indoors at the Corner Brook Civic Centre, or outside at Margaret Bowater Park. He basically asked the people how they felt about the benefits that they derived from outdoor versus indoor exercise as well as how important the two forms of exercise were for their overall health.

The results of the survey? No matter where the respondents were working out on the day that they took part in the survey, everyone said that exercising outside was more important. They mentioned the ability to get some much-needed fresh air as well as the clarity of mind that comes with being outside.

You Can Exercise Outside Even When It’s Cold

When the weather is warm and the sun is shining, it’s easy to get outside and go hiking, biking, or running. However, you might be less inclined to leave the house to exercise outside when the conditions aren’t so fair.

The truth is that, even during the cold winter season, you can still participate in outdoor exercise activities, as long as you bundle up so that you can keep your body warm and comfortable. Try activities like snowshoeing or skiing in order to get out there even when there is snow on the ground.

Consider taking your workout into the great outdoors as you might find your exercise routine a lot more enjoyable and a lot more beneficial when you do so. Outdoor exercise can be engaging and fun as well as challenging, and it can help you feel more balanced and in tune with nature than when you always exercise indoors, so it’s definitely worth a try.

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