Top Reasons Never to Crash Diet

Top Reasons Never to Crash Diet Top 5 Reasons Never to Crash Diet

Crash diets might seem like a good idea to get your body to slim down quickly, but there are several good reasons why you should actually avoid these diets. Continue reading to learn about five reasons never to crash diet.

1. You’ll End Up Holding onto Fat

One of the biggest reasons never to crash diet is because it basically has the opposite effect of what you want to achieve: it encourages your body to keep the fat that has already been stored. That’s because your body interprets the crash diet as starvation, so it starts to hold onto whatever resources it can in order to survive. Furthermore, if you do notice the number on the scale is going down, it’s likely to be from the loss of lean muscle mass and water.

2. You Will Feel Tired

To lose weight effectively, you need to follow a healthy diet and exercise routine. When you opt to follow a crash diet, however, it’s likely that you will end up feeling so fatigued that you won’t even have the energy to stay focused on your eating plan, and you won’t have the energy to exercise either.

3. Your Metabolism Will Slow Down

Another one of the biggest reasons never to crash diet is because it can cause your metabolism to slow down. Again, this is the opposite of what you really want to achieve when you are trying to lose weight. Plus, when your metabolism slows down, so will your digestion, and that could make you constipated.

4. You Will Experience Mood Swings

In addition to slowing down your metabolism and adversely affecting your body’s digestive processes, suddenly restricting food as part of a crash diet could also have a negative effect on your gut microflora. As a result, harmful bacteria can increase in number, and that can damage the intestinal tract, as well as lead to mood swings. After all, researchers have found that there’s a connection between gut health and mental wellbeing.

5. Your Overall Health Suffers

When you go on a crash diet, your body will be under a high amount of stress, and that could lead to a host of health problems. For example, according to Express, crash diets have been associated with everything from cardiac dysrhythmias and electrolyte imbalances, to sudden cardiac death. Yikes!

It’s clear to see that there are a lot of reasons never to crash diet. Instead, stick with healthy, whole foods based diets that are packed with nutrition and low in fat and calories. Don’t forget to exercise, too!

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