build your metabolism over time

build your metabolism over timeBuild Your Metabolism Over Time by Slowly Incorporating These Habits

Having a healthy metabolism could help you maintain a healthy weight much more easily. But just because your metabolism may not be working at its best today certainly does not mean that you are doomed to gain weight. Instead, follow the tips below to develop daily habits that will help you build up your metabolism so you can stay in shape.

Have Snacks Throughout the Day

To help keep blood sugar stable and keep your metabolism revving, have healthy snacks in between your meals. Stick with small snacks that give you a healthy protein and a healthy carb, such as hummus and vegetables or potato chips that have been baked in coconut oil or olive oil.

Have Breakfast Every Day

There is a reason that breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Your metabolism will naturally slow down while you are asleep, and when you eat for the first time the next day, your metabolism will speed up again. So if you miss breakfast, you will end up burning fewer calories until your lunch than you otherwise would if you had breakfast.

When it comes to choosing the right breakfast to start your day and to jumpstart your metabolism, stick with a meal that does not contain more than 400 calories. Also stick with carbs that contain plenty of fiber, as these will help keep you fuller for longer and give you stable blood sugar.

Add Interval Training to Your Workout Routine

Interval training is hugely popular because it involves bursts of high intensity movements that help boost your metabolic rate. Researchers have found that individuals who add interval training to their workout routine at least two times a week could end up losing twice as much weight.

Lift Weights

In addition to interval training, experts also recommend adding weight training to your workout schedule, as it is the best way to increase your resting metabolism. Because your resting metabolic rate will decrease as you get older, adding more strength training exercises to your routine could help you increase your metabolic rate again by as much as 7.8%. So go ahead and lift some weights when you exercise so you’ll be able to continue burning calories later on while you’re resting too.

By slowing incorporating these habits into your daily life, you may start to notice that your metabolism begins to work faster. That means that your body will be able to burn through more fat and calories, even while you are at rest, and you could end up losing more weight.

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